If you want to meet your goals quickly and efficiently, hire me to prepare personalized training plans and help you implement and adapt them with my supervision and guidance!

The first consultation is free and it includes a professional measurement of total weight, body fat, muscular mass, metabolic age and other characteristics. We will then decide which days and hours we can meet and prepare a fitness and nutrition plan according to your goals, performance level and likes. If you will respect the routine and you won’t get any result in 30 days, for some unnatural and impossible reason, you will have all your money back, so there is a 30 days guarantee!

The standard sessions are made up of 90 minutes, where I will be fully focusing on you to get the best results! I will be preparing a plan designed specially for you, depending on your goals, preparation and likes, then I will guide you into every exercise, making sure you are doing them correctly and getting the most of it! The plan may be changed during the implementation, depending on your performance and mindset, so it will always be pleasant and productive!

I will come with fitness accessories and we can also use what the environment provides. We will have all we need to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to lose weight, build strength, conditioning, stamina, muscle definition or growth, to have a better sports performance or just maintain a good physical wellbeing.

You will also be taught and guided through stretching, relaxation and vitalising exercises inspired from Hatha Yoga. These will help you build vigor, energy, muscle, flexibility and have a healthier and stronger organs, muscle, articulations, bones and nervous system! Besides your own body, we can train with Kettlebells, Suspension Training (TRX),  Dumbells, BOSU, Fitball, Wrist Sandbags, Battle Rope, Yoga Mats, Speed Ladder, Tyres, Hammers, Boxing Pads and different environment elements like stairs, rocks, trees, pull-up bars and outdoor or indoor gym fitness machines. 

We will have everything needed to achieve your goals, no matter where you choose to train! We can do classical fitness, functional training, army training, HIIT training (High-intensity interval training), Running, Cycling, Trek Running, Nature Fitness, Martial Arts, Cross-Fit Training and Exercises for a Specific Sport.  In group sessions, we can also do bootcamp training. The whole plan will usually be a combination of most of these training types, but it depends on your targets.

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