Outdoor Personal Training

Do you want to workout with a personal trainer outdoors? Then choose the outdoor fitness sessions and we can train in any park you want or a private garden if you have one!

Training in an open environment, especially near trees is much healthier and you will have much higher levels of energy and oxygen to help you exercise and empower the whole organism, including the brains, the other internal organs, the muscles and the immunity, respiratory and digestive systems. These benefits can be empowered through stretching, relaxation and vitalising exercises inspired from Yoga.

I love training in nature and I have created many exercises using the natural environment and I also learned from other trainers I was organizing bootcamps with in Spain! Many people liked my workouts and got great benefits from them! The most common workouts I use for personal outdoor training are HIIT training (High-intensity interval training),Trek Running, Running, Cycling and Nature Fitness, Aerobics, using our own bodies and environment elements like stairs, rocks and pull-up bars, and accessories like kettlebells, wrist sandbags, speed ladder and yoga mats.

Prices for Personal Training Sessions (the nutrition plan for one month is included if you purchase at least 4 sessions ):

Sessions  30 Minutes  60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
1 50 LEI 90 LEI  120 LEI 150 LEI
4 150 LEI 250 LEI  300 LEI 400 LEI
8 250 LEI 400 LEI  500 LEI 700 LEI
15 400 LEI 650 LEI 900 LEI 1100 LEI
30 700 LEI 1100 LEI 1500 LEI 1800 LEI

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