Personal Training at Home

Do you want a personal trainer, motivator and nutrition advisor without leaving your home? Then call me to schedule a free consultation to meet and prepare a fitness and nutrition plan according to your goals, home environment, performance level and tastes!

If you don’t want to waste time and money going to a gym or a personal training studio, or you don’t like to exercise in public places and just want to be comfortable in your own home while doing your workouts, then personal training sessions at home are for you! We can adapt to the available space and I will come with different Speed Ladder, Kettlebells, Fitball, Wrist Sandbags, BOSU, TRX (Suspension Training), Stepper, Dumbells, Battle Rope and Yoga Mats. I am an adept in training with these accessories and I will guide you through different exercises, according to the personalized fitness plan that will be designed for you, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. These are better than the gym equipment as they use much more muscular fibers besides those that are needed for the fitness machines and burn calories faster.

The fitness machines are useful if you are very advanced and you want to build muscular mass and you want to do super-sets and you need different weights for the same exercise, but for most people, exercises with functional accessories are better. If you want a demonstration, do some biceps curls or shoulders fly on the cable, then with dumbells and then with kettlebells, a set for each. You may notice that your muscles were worked better on the second set than on the first and even better on the third set. Even if you go to gym regularly, if you only train with the machines and dumbells, your muscles should be sore after you first train with kettlebells.

Prices for Personal Training Sessions (the nutrition plan for one month is included if you purchase at least 4 sessions ):

Sessions  30 Minutes  60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
1 50 LEI 90 LEI  120 LEI 150 LEI
4 150 LEI 250 LEI  300 LEI 400 LEI
8 250 LEI 400 LEI  500 LEI 700 LEI
15 400 LEI 650 LEI 900 LEI 1100 LEI
30 700 LEI 1100 LEI 1500 LEI 1800 LEI

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