Personal Training at Gym


Whether you are a new to the gym or experienced, through my planning, guidance, motivation and tracking, I can help you achieve your goals as a personal trainer, coach and therapist!

Whether you have experience with fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting, power-lifting, boxing, martial arts or other sports or not, if you hire a multi-skilled fitness coach, you will be learning new personalized workouts that will get you where you want together with the guidance and motivation! I will train you using the gym equipment and additional fitness accessories for functional exercises and other types of training that would recruit extra muscle fibers and would burn calories faster, so you would get definition and lose weight or build muscles, according to your wishes.  For example if you want to lose weight, you could do a workout consisting mainly of exercises using the gym machines in the first part in order to burn the glycogen and then a HIIT  (High-intensity interval training) in order to burn the fat. If you want to build muscle and strength for example, you could do a workout consisting of cross training, training with gym equipment and specific functional exercises, but putting accent on stretching, vitalizing and relaxing exercises too in order to facilitate the muscle growth and power.

I recommend you to book some sessions of shiatsu massage and Reiki as well to help the muscles heal and grow  faster and better, and to have a great boost of positive energy and increase the frequency of your mindset, as well as to help your consciousness connect with your inner being, your Higher Self and the rest of the universe. You would then have a much better energy and motivation to work out and your body will work and regenerate much easier and at a better speed.

If you already have a membership in a gym in Bucharest, we can talk to the gym to let us start training today! Otherwise, we can look for a gym, studio or I can come with fitness accessories and train you at home !

Prices for Personal Training Sessions (the nutrition plan for one month is included if you purchase at least 4 sessions ):

Sessions  30 Minutes  60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
1 50 LEI 90 LEI  120 LEI 150 LEI
4 150 LEI 250 LEI  300 LEI 400 LEI
8 250 LEI 400 LEI  500 LEI 700 LEI
15 400 LEI 650 LEI 900 LEI 1100 LEI
30 700 LEI 1100 LEI 1500 LEI 1800 LEI


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