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Hi, I am Max Tudor and I would like to be your personal trainer! I have a lot of knowledge and experience of fitness, sport and other domains that can help you achieve your goals! I am a creative and ardent trainer, combining conventional fitness training with original components and with elements from martial arts and yoga, in a way to improve the training and recovery process, so you will see a much better a faster progress than ordinary training! I can train you to lose weight, build muscle, endurance, strength, or just for a better health, or even for a specific sport, depending on your needs, I can adapt the training to the client’s goals and current level.



Fitness, Sports and Personal Training

I have a colossal passion for fitness and sport since I was a little child. I begun practicing tennis and in the same time I was training myself with intense fitness workouts just for pleasure! Then I commenced practicing karate and when I was 14 I started to train at the gym, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, only just my gym was more modern an I had different training goals. I’ve quit karate but I was also training in mixed martial arts and kung-fu when I was a teenager, in parallel with fitness and bodybuilding training. First I wanted to increase the volume of the muscles a lot, but my parents didn’t allow me to take supplements, my father was actually very mad, believing the protein powder was some sort of drug and I couldn’t make him understand it was very far from the truth, so I just focused on training for strength, health and martial arts.


At my first gym in Bucharest I met some great bodybuilders and fitness instructors who taught me a lot of workouts and I also invented my own exercises and workouts, having a lot of creative energy, and they were approving they were good. The best exercises I kept for myself, and I was practising them at home, where most of my training time was, cause my parentswere complaining I was staying too much at the gym, so I was doing home exercises with the body weight, dumbbells and different accessories. I always liked to develop new exercises and progress in physical power. Meanwhile I experienced other sports too, like basketball, football, swimming, running, hiking, trek running and cycling.

I kept training regularly all my life and always improved my fitness and sports knowledge, wisdom and exercises database. I lived in Romania, England and Spain and I grabbed a lot of different training techniques. I met trainers and sports people from different nationalities especially in London and in Marbella who inspired me. I took my certificates for Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Functional Training Expert from Fitness Education School, having 3 of the best master trainers in Romania: Narcis Cernea, Iulian Dinu and Sindelaru Razvan. They inspired me to work as a personal trainer in Bucharest.


I use elements from yoga for bodybuilding, fitness and martial arts training. Since my early teen years I started to be passionate of the eastern holistic discipline called Yoga. It is a very wide discipline with many branches, the most popular being the system of physical well-being and develpoment called Hatha Yoga. As I am very creative and like to combine and create new techniques, I have included some elements of Hatha Yoga in my Fitness training to improve it. Some breathing and mental control techniques helped me be able to increase the number of repetitions by many times and have longer workouts, after which I felt very strong, vitalised and healthy. I could do a lot of exercises and felt more energised than before, compared to the tiredeness of normal fitness workouts. These ofcourse were very good for strength, muscle building, overall vital energy, health and vigor. But for weight loss, cardio and stamina I developed different type of sessions, based on functional training, in which you would sweat quite a lot. However, after the intense workouts and during the breaks, yogic breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises would help the person training to exercise for longer and increase the general vital energy levels, leading to a better and faster recovery and progress.

I believe in holistic development (body, mind and soul) and I have seen that the improvement of one aids the progress of the other two. Also, a constant evolution of all three together will have greater benefits for any of these three than if developed separately. Therefore I am an adept of different systems that help the advancement of the physical body, energy body, mental faculties and the soul, and this helps me be a much better fitness person and personal trainer than if I would’ve focused just on the fitness discipline.

Yoga Retreats & Bootcamps

Soon after I took my Bachelor of Arts in Events Management in England I begun to organise yoga retreats and fitness bootcamps in Costa del Sol together with my ex-partner as Kanoa Retreats and I plan to organise some this summer in the mountains of Romania as Personal Trainer Bucharest. In these events I gained a lot of experience in training small and large groups of different people inside and outdoors, in gardens or in the mountains, where we combined hiking routes with workouts. I also lead meditations. Reiki initiations and healing sessions and different workshops for the yoga retreats. Most of the events I plan to organise in Romania will be fitness bootcamps focused on functional training and trekking / trek running together with a guide. You can check out future Bootcamps soon on this link.


Alternative Therapies and Life Love

After a while in Costa del Sol I founded 2 other projects: Reiki Mijas and Life Love. The first one was focusing just on Reiki therapy, meeting and initiations while the second one Life Love is a project aiming to heal and improve the body, mind and help the soul, the true self evolve easier, more enjoyable and faster on the spiritual journey through a wide range of holistic therapies (different types of massages, yoga, meditations, energy healing therapies and courses, hypnotherapy and others). When I was based in Marbella, for almost 2 years, I founded a therapy center for the later project called Life Love Healing Center Marbella, where myself and other therapists, teachers and instructors were holding different sessions, workshops and initiations. I relocated in order to continue my life vision but life love project is still on.

Meditation & Hypnotherapy

I also learnt meditation and techniques of and similar with hypnotherapy, especially auto-suggestion since my early teen years and practiced and learnt more regularly since then and I taught them at the retreats I was organising and in Costa del Sol as a freelancer and then at my therapy center, Life Love. My favorite meditation techniques are those of Raja Yoga and Hermeticism and as hypnotherapy I usually use my own technique called progressive hypnotherapy, that can be very successful for both analytical and non-analytical people, adapting the method to each patient in particular to ensure the best results. It isn’t just hypnotherapy, but it also uses guided meditation, and breathing exercises from hatha yoga and even fitness exercises at the end if the patient is willing to. It can program the mind on different layers and also help you gain a better control over it and improve the connection with the Higher Self.


Reiki, Shiatsu & Massage

In my late teen years I begun to learn massage techniques and the Reiki system of natural healing. I was initiated into Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho at the beginning of 2009 and became a master in the autumn of the same year, but I took my certificates later to practice professionall. In a session I am also using spiritual, mental, breathing and movement techniques learned from other systems, books or discovered with help of Inner Wisdom. Meanwhile I was also learning massage techniques and recently the Shiatsu system that I am mostly using as massage.

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