Group Training

Are you a couple or have a friend or a group who want to train together? Then hire a personal trainer in Bucharest and start training in private group sessions! We can train at home, outdoors or at the gym. In addition, you can also join our bootcamps.

Group personal training sessions have 5 important advantages:

*It’s motivational, as we have a group energy controlled by the personal trainer and it motivates you to keep up with it

*It’s relationship building when you do intense activities together with your friends / partner

*You have a more complex workout, because we can also include exercises where you require a partner

*It’s cheaper for an individual than the private sessions for one person

*It’s more fun, as we can include fun group exercises, games and competitions


The best workout types for groups are bootcamp training, Cross Training, functional training, nature fitness, army training, HIIT training (High-intensity interval training) and Martial Arts, but we can also do classical fitness and use gym machines too if you choose to train at a gym in Bucharest. If you want to train for a specific sport, we can also do exercises for that purpose, for example for karate, kung-fu, tennis, football, basketball or volleyball. The whole plan will usually be a combination of all, but it depends on your targets.

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