Hiring a personal trainer is the best and fastest way to succeed in fitness and sport! Whether you are a new to fitness or experienced, through my planning, guidance, motivation and tracking, I can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether they are:

  • losing weight
  • staying healthy
  • recovering
  • muscular definition
  • building muscle
  • sports performance
  • martial arts / self-defense development
  • strength increase
  • stress release
  • vitality increase
  • cardio / stamina improvement
  • breath improvement
  • conditioning

or a combination of the above. It can be very hard training by yourself! Even personal trainers and athletes have their own trainer! Avoid confusion, injury and disproportionate muscle texture and stay on track with your training and healthy eating by hiring a professional fitness trainer! Complementary therapies like Reiki, Shiatsu massage and hypnotherapy will help you achieve your goals even faster and easier!

Doing the personal training sessions, respecting the nutrition plan and therapies to facilitate body regeneration and give you a great boost of extra energy and impulse, you will progress extremely fast and safe! There might be faster ways to achieve some purposes, like losing weight, but those are not healthy and they wouldn’t last.This is probably the fastest healthy way to achieve your goals you will ever find! Check out a complete package on offer!

You can check out in detail my services by clicking here!

You can choose to be trained individually or in a Group of you and other friends, partner or people looking for the same service. We can train at home, outdoors or at the gym. In addition, you can also join our bootcamps if you want fun, motivational and healthy vacations with intense physical activity!

If you want to train by yourself, it is best to purchase a professional Online Personalized Fitness Plan which would be designed especially for you in order to meet your fitness objectives fast and easy, together with a Personalized Nutrition Plan.

But if you have the possibility, let us train together because:

  • I would always motivate you much better than you can push the limits by yourself!
  • You would be doing personalized fitness exercises that are optimal for your goals under supervision and guidance!
  • You would be taught and instructed to perform warm-up, stretching, relaxation and vitalizing exercises, inspired from hatha yoga to facilitate health, regeneration and force. 
  • You would be staying on track with the training.
  • By knowing you better, I would know exactly what you need to work on and how. I could also adapt the training plan because every person responds differently to each exercise.The training routine needs constant change and I would know very well how to modify it for you.
  • I would keep count of the repetitions and you would just have to focus your mind to the exercise so you get the most of it!
  • A nutrition plan is included in the personal training sessions, being adapted every month.
  • You have a 30 days guarantee, if you won’t get any result in 30 days, measured professionally,  you will have all your money back.

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